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Our Buckingham Collection of riser recliners combines a traditional style of armchair with a modern aesthetic. Slimline armrests and ergonomically designed wooden knuckles give the chair a stylish, tapered look without giving up any of the comfort or functionality of our other rise and recline models.

Contact Easi-way Mobility today to arrange a home visit or an in-store demonstration of our Buckingham collection to see for yourself if it’s right for you.

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Benefits of the Buckingham Collection

Multiple Back Options

You get to choose from a variety of backrest options, when buying a Buckingham Collection riser recliner. All chairs are built to order to meet the comfort and support needs of our customers. We can provide backrests that offer you additional support where you need it most.

Real Wood Knuckles

While the arms of most riser recliners end in a fabric front, our Buckingham Collection incorporates carefully crafted wooden knuckles that are both stylish and practical. Available in mahogany, teak, or natural finishes, they are ergonomically designed to provide extra grip and support when standing.

Reflex Foam

In addition to supporting your back, neck, and shoulders, our Buckingham Collection rise and recline chairs provide optimal comfort for your lower body. Padded with Reflex Foam, all Buckingham Collection seats are thick and firm, effortlessly distributing your weight across the entire cushion to ease those everyday aches.


Size Matrix

Measurements shown in inches.

Seat heightSeat widthSeat DepthBack heightArm height
14.5 - 2216 - 3116 - 2324 - 364 - 11

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Why Choose Easi-way Mobility?

A Name You Can Trust

Working from our Bromborough store, the Easi-way Mobility team has been helping customers choose the right riser recliner for many years. We have a reputation throughout the Wirral for great customer service and only stocking the finest rise and recline chairs and other mobility aids.

In-store Demo

Choosing the right riser recliner for you is not something to be taken lightly. A good rise and recline chair can last for a decade or more, after all. Call our team today to arrange a free demonstration at our Bromborough showroom. There’s no better way to make the right decision than by seeing the chair in action up close.

Home Visit

Speaking of up-close, we can also provide the same kind of demonstration in the comfort of your own home. This is preferred by many of our Wirral customers, whose mobility issues preclude them from visiting our Bromborough store. All home demos are exactly that—a chance to see one of our Buckingham Collection chairs in action. Our demonstrators are not there to sell you the product, but just to see if it’s the right model for you.


All our Buckingham Collection rise and recline chairs are built to order and delivered in person by our own in-house team. We’re not just there to drop off your new piece of furniture. We will take it to whatever room you prefer, set it up for you in the ideal position, and make sure it is to your liking. When we leave, we even take away any unwanted packaging to keep it from filling up your house.

VAT Exemption

While our Buckingham Collection riser recliners still attract VAT, many of our customers are entitled to an exemption. This applies if you are disabled or chronically ill and are buying the chair for your own personal use. If this is the case, we can help you fill in a Declaration Statement that will exempt you from paying VAT on top of the cost of the chair.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing one of our Buckingham Collection products, arrange a home visit or an in-store demonstration by calling the Easi-way Mobility team on 0151 346 1186. If you’re ready to order your chair, call that same number to place an order today.