Aviva RX20 Modulite Powerchair from Invacare

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The Aviva RX20 Modulite electric wheelchair from Invacare is a miracle of modern mobility technology. From the intelligent driving system and LINX G-trac features to the touchscreen control panel and ultra-beam lighting, few other powerchairs can match it for its technological prowess. Despite all these impressive features, it is still a reliable and functional electric wheelchair at its core.

Contact Easi-way Mobility today to arrange a home visit or an in-store demonstration of the Aviva RX20 Modulite to see if it’s right for you.

Benefits of the Invacare Aviva RX20 Modulite

A practical and functional design

Invacare mobility products are designed with functionality in mind, and the Aviva RX20 Modulite is no different. With a compact base and a tight turning circle, it is easily manoeuvrable indoors, while its rear wheel design offers incredible traction on outdoor terrain. From the floor to the seat, it measures 435mm, making it great for office use, and it can also be fitted neatly and safely into wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Intelligent LINX technology

The Aviva RX20 Modulite features Invacare’s unique LINX driving system and G-trac features. The former learns your driving habits and adapts to them, helping to deliver a consistent driving performance every time you use it, compensating for imbalances, and providing more accurate control. The G-trac feature ensures that your powerchair maintains a true driving direction without the need for micro-corrections as you drive.

The ultimate in comfort

The Aviva RX20 Modulite provides a comfortable sitting and driving experience, even after prolonged use, making it ideal for customers with more extensive mobility needs. There are various seat cushion and back rest options, while the seat itself can be easily adjusted with tilt and recline options to relieve pressure, as well as customisable seat depth, width, angle, and centre of gravity.

LENGTH - 41" | WIDTH 19"

Size Matrix

Measurements shown in inches.

Seat HeightSeat WidthSeat DepthMax SpeedTotal Weight
435, 460, 485mm330 - 480mm410 - 510 mm3, 6, km/h105-185.2Kg

Why Choose Easi-way Mobility?

A Name You Can Trust

If you have mobility needs on the Wirral, Easi-way Mobility is here for you. We have been proudly serving customers across the peninsula for many years, giving them free, independent advice and helping them find the right powerchair to meet their clinical and lifestyle requirements.

In-store Demo

Nobody should risk buying a brand new powerchair without seeing it for themselves. We offer a full demonstration of the Invacare Aviva RX20 Modulite right here in our Bromborough showroom. Find out whether this model is right for you, and feel free to ask any questions of our experienced staff members.

Home Visit

Some of our customers prefer to see their new powerchair in action at home rather than in the showroom, and we are happy to oblige them. Our demonstrators will run through the chair’s features with you and answer any queries you might have for them. This is not a sales call; it is merely an opportunity for you to get to know the Aviva RX20 Modulite a little better.


You can pick up your Aviva RX20 Modulite directly from our showroom or have our team of local drivers deliver it directly to your door. Not only will they bring your new powerchair to you, they will set it up and make sure it is working before they leave.

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