Wheelchairs on the Wirral

Manual wheelchairs are among the most popular mobility devices that we offer to our customers in and around the Wirral region. Whether you need one for day-to-day use at home or work or are looking for a model that you can take with you when travelling further afield for ease and comfort, we can help you find the ideal wheelchair for you.

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Our Range of Wheelchairs

At Easi-Way Mobility, we stock an extensive selection of manual wheelchairs for our customers across the Wirral. Click on one of the links below to browse our impressive range of models.

From £195

The Escape Lite manual wheelchair is one of our lightest folding wheelchair models. An assistant-propelled chair, it is the perfect chair for travelling, being super-easy to load into a car boot.

From £465

The Ergo Lite 2 from Karma is an ultralight manual wheelchair that comes ready for use as a self-propelled or carer-propelled model. Easy to fold for transport or storage, it’s a popular choice for active wheelchair users.

From £465

The S-Ergo 115 is designed for easy propulsion by the user, thanks to 20″ rear wheels fitted with ergonomically designed hand rims for better steering and braking.

From £465

This is the carer-propelled version of the S-115, enjoying all the design benefits of its sister model. It’s the ideal manual wheelchair solution for users who prize independence and comfort.


What is manual wheelchair?

A manual wheelchair is any wheelchair that is propelled by a person rather than a battery pack. The person in question might be the user (known as a self-propelled wheelchair) or their carer or assistant (also known as an assistant-propelled wheelchair or a transit wheelchair). Self-propelled wheelchairs have larger wheels to allow the user to turn them with their hands as well as provide better stability. Transit wheelchairs have smaller wheels and are usually fitted with a handlebar for easier movement by the carer. All modern manual wheelchairs can be folded down for storage or put into the boot of a car.

Who uses manual wheelchairs?

Many people who experience mobility issues choose a manual wheelchair over a powered or electric wheelchair. Not only are they less expensive to purchase and to run (manual wheelchairs never need recharging, for instance), but they are also smaller in size than their powered counterparts. This makes them easier to navigate on public pavements, especially indoors. Since they can be folded for transport or storage, they are often bought as a standby device for users who already have a power chair or mobility scooter, since they are easy to take on longer journeys when travelling by car.

What Is the Right Wheelchair for Me?

Manual wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, depending on the specific needs of the user. If you need assistance choosing the perfect wheelchair to meet your particular requirements, give Easi-way Mobility a call today or visit our Bromborough showroom to receive professional, independent advice from our team of experts.

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If you’re in need of a manual wheelchair on the Wirral, give Easi-Way Mobility a call today. We can arrange a home visit to discuss your various options or an in-store demonstration of our range of chairs. Call the team today on 0151 346 1186 to speak to one of our experts.