Five essential health benefits of riser-recliner chairs

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Five essential health benefits of riser-recliner chairs

At Easi-Way Mobility we have been providing our thousands of satisfied customers across the Wirral with an extensive range of mobility aids over the last thirty years of trading. From walking aids and wheelchairs to power chairs and scooters, our primary purpose has always been to get our customers moving and helping them to maintain their independence.

One aspect of personal independence that is often overlooked is the simple process of sitting and standing. Something we have all taken for granted for most of our lives, when the mere act of taking a seat becomes a chore and getting up again is almost too painful too bear, we can feel trapped in our own living rooms.

Fortunately, the solution is a simple one, as aiding with sitting and rising is just one of many health benefits delivered by a riser-recliner chair.

Here are just a few of them…

1. Standing and sitting

Let’s start with the big one. Arthritis, rheumatism, and any number of other hip and joint ailments can make the transition from standing to sitting (and vice versa) an uncomfortable experience for many. With a riser-recliner, you have the cushioned upholstery of the chair supporting your weight at the crucial moments, gently raising you up, or lowering you down at the touch of a button.

2. Room to manoeuvre

As our wheelchair users are only too aware, sitting in the same position all day can be extremely uncomfortable. Our entire range of riser-recliners are generously proportioned and sumptuously padded throughout. This means that it’s easy to shift your position whilst in the chairs, either manually, or by arranging the head, back, and feet rests.

3. Improved circulation

If you have mobility issues that cause you to lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, this can have several knock-on effects, including poor circulation in your arms and legs. By being able to alter your position with the easy-to-use handset, you can help to prevent this additional worry from occurring.

4. No more pressure sores

Another symptom common too many customers with mobility issues is pressure sores from remaining in the same position for too long. Not only are these sores painful, they run a serious risk of becoming infected if not treated. With a riser-recliner chair making it so much easier to get in and out of your chair, you are able to avoid those irritating pressure sores.

5. Relieves aches and pains

All our riser recliners are well-padded for your comfort, but also possess a reassuring firmness that offers support to the whole body. With your head back and your feet up, it’s like stretching out on a new mattress.