Alber E Pilot is nearly here!

Alber E Pilot is nearly here!

Invacare launches latest innovation in power add-on drives – ALBER E-PILOT

Following an impressive launch at Naidex, Invacare now offers the sleek and elegant e-pilot electric hand bike. Designed by Alber, a market leader in power add-on drives, the e-pilot hand bike has the power to transform a manual wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps. With the e-pilot you get the choice whether to use your manual chair as standard, or to attach the e-pilot to go further and arrive faster. Whether it’s a quick trip into town, a catch up with friends or heading out with the dog, the e-pilot makes it happen with minimal effort and ultimate style. Long or short journeys, the discrete lithium-ion battery pack gives maximum flexibility with a range of up to 31 miles! It also gives you the ability to master everyday obstacles such as kerbs with the strong, efficient front wheel and powerful drive. Simply beautiful – the sleek design can be enhanced even further with a choice of 11 colours and an extensive range of accessories, allowing you to personalise the e-pilot to match your individual style and preference.

Call to register your interest in a demonstration when our Alber E-Pilot unit gets delivered – 0151 346 1186

Go further, arrive faster with the new Alber e-pilot

Go further, arrive faster with the new Alber e-pilotFind out more:

Posted by Invacare UK on Sunday, 29 April 2018