How to prepare your mobility scooter for winter

How to prepare your mobility scooter for winter

How to prepare your mobility scooter for winter

Seven simple ways to prepare your mobility scooter for winter

Winter is coming…

Granted, we might not be expecting an invasion of White Walkers. However even a Wirral winter brings its own problems to our customers, particularly those using mobility scooters.

At Easi-Way mobility, we are constantly looking out for our clients across the peninsula and beyond. With that in mind, here are seven useful tips for protecting your mobility scooter against the harsh winter weather.

Keep your scooter clean

Wind and rain can play havoc with your scooter if you don’t keep it clean. Excess moisture can seep into any electrical components, as well as causing surface rust on the exposed metal, if left unchecked. Wiping it down after a blustery day shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, but will pay dividends in performance.

Keep your battery fully-charged

It can be tempted to use the available battery charge, particularly if you’re just popping down the road for a quick errand. However, using a battery that is not fully-charged actually causes it to drain at a faster rate. Ensure that your battery is fully-charged before every journey – even a short one – to maximise its performance.

Keep an eye on your scooter’s tires

Like any road vehicle, checking your tires for wear and tear is a key part of preparing for winter. Icy conditions effect mobility scooters just as much as they do cars and motorbikes, so be sure to play it safe.

Keep your scooter well sheltered

If you can store your scooter indoors – be it in your house, a shed, or the garage – be sure to do so. Not only will it prevent the opportunity of rust, the battery will perform better that it will at cold temperatures.

Keep your control panel protected

We recommend buying a waterproof control panel cover for your mobility scooter. Cheap and easy to use, they will protect the essential electronic workings of your scooter from shorting out through water damaged.

Get your mobility scooter serviced

We recommend that you have your mobility scooter serviced at least once a year. Most customers tend to do this on or around the anniversary of their original purchase, but any time will do. If you’re coming up to a year since your last check-up, why not bring things forward a little bit and head into winter with the reassurance that everything is as it should be?

Keep yourself visible

As the nights start drawing in you need to make sure that you and your mobility scooter can be seen. Invest in a high-visibility jacket, or buy some stick-on decals that you can attach to your scooter.

Get in touch

If you have any concerns with your mobility scooter as we head into winter, feel free to give the team at Easi-way Mobility a call. We can provide general information that can help you out or, if necessary, book you in for a servicing or an essential repair to your machine. Contact us today on 0151 346 1186, and see what we can do for you.